Fast, Reliable, Expert Plumbing

When homeowners are asked what they want from a plumber, they repeatedly cite three things:

      He must be fast.
      He must be reliable.
      He must be expert at what he does.

All plumbers must go through extensive training and an apprenticeship before getting licensed. But homeowners don’t actually care about the background of the plumber they are dealing with.

All a homeowner wants is a plumber who shows up when he says he will, delivers results as quickly as possible, all for a competitive price. A service person like that is worth his weight in gold.

Here is a closer look at each of these requirements.


Plumbing ServicesHomeowners say fast is essential because plumbing problems wreak havoc on family schedules. If the toilet it clogged, everything grinds to a halt. If the kitchen sink is leaking, meal prep comes to a stop. People can’t take baths and showers, laundry can’t get done and the dishwasher can’t be operated.

Fast actually means efficient because different repairs take more or less time. For example, a simple clog in the kitchen drain may take just a few minutes. A more extensive problem like a leak in the hot water system might take several hours.

Some plumbers charge by the hour, while others charge by the project. It can seem to the person paying the bill that the plumber who charges hourly is taking much too long, even dragging out the repair. But to be fair, a plumbing crisis can do that to a person.

Three other points that reduce the appearance of the speed and efficiency in a plumber are:

      If he isn’t available when you need him
      If he incorrectly diagnoses the problem
      If the repair or replacement techniques he uses are old fashioned


If your plumber arrives at your home when he says he will, your first impression will be that he is reliable. But there are actually more components to reliability than just time.

You want a plumbing company and staff that show sincere interest in your problems. Look for a business that is transparent, gives written estimates and answers all of your questions. It is always nice to see pricing on the plumber’s website or in a brochure so you know what to expect.

Never deal with a plumber who tacks on fees or adds extra expenses that weren’t in the original estimate.


Rely on the recommendations of family, friends and neighbors when choosing a plumber. Look at online review sites like Google+ and Yelp.

Be sure to talk to the plumber before hiring him. Ask questions about his background and about the techniques and services they offer. For example, do they do video camera inspections of pipe systems? Do they use trenchless technology for sewer line repair?

When you find a plumber with an excellent reputation, be sure to write down his number in a easy-to-find spot in your home. That way you won’t need to hunt when a plumbing emergency happens. And they always seem to occur on weekends, on holidays and in the evening.

The How, When and Why of Hydro-Jetting Sewer Lines

What You Ought To Know About Hydro-Jetting Sewer Lines

In a bid to successfully clean and unclog sewer pipes, there is the new invention – the Hydro-Jetting Sewer Lines. The method involves the use of hot pressured water. Besides, there are a lot that revolves around Hydro-Jetting Sewer Lines and here is a guide to take you through.

How to use Hydro-Jetting Sewer system

Hydro-Jetting Sewer Lines involves specifically the use of extremely high-pressure water that helps remove and clean the pipe blockage. What more is, the Jets heads are inserted deep into the sewer pipe, allowed to dispense the hot water at a certain pressure and finally run through the sewer pipe. The pressured hot water only removes any blockage available such as tree roots.

When to use Hydro-Jetting Sewer Lines

Hydro-Jetting sewer system will apply in several moments but best known for solving aged problems. Here are instances when you should apply Hydro-Jetting Sewer system

1. Laterally obstructed sewer

Sewers are blocked by either intruding trees roots or even clogs. As such, Hydro-Jetting Sewer system will always do best rather than using a mechanical option. Mechanical options are known to cause adverse effects and damages on both delicate as well as aged pipes.

2. A blocked sewer

In case you have a blocked sewer, it’s always good to go for Hydro-Jetting Sewer system- it will work wonders contrary to what individual do. They will insert an object, and bend it to appear in snake curves that help retain the main flow. However, this manual way isn’t long run.


Reasons why you should choose Hydro-Jetting Sewer Lines

Choosing Hydro-Jetting Sewer Lines is one of the best choices you can ever make, and why? Have a look at these.

1. Perfect cleaning

Normally there is a lot of substance, some solids and others liquids that will pass through pipes causing the blockage. Some of the substances that are known to cause pipe clogging include soaps, sludge components as well as grease. Besides, in a bid to restore the normal flow in a clogged pipe, most individuals will use an object which they will insert inside and rotate it in a snaking manner? However, such mechanism is short term and as such, they don’t solve the whole sludge unclogging problem- it can restore itself very soon. Therefore, there is the need for methods that will not only unblock but also clean the sludge within these pipes perfectly, and Hydro-Jetting will work best- thanks for it cleans even the internal pipe parts effectively.

2. Economical and cost effective

If you use Hydro-Jetting, then be assured that you have cut-off a great number of expenses. For instance, whenever you use the Hydro-Jetting system to clean pipes, bearing that it is durable, you delay the essence of seeking your pipe cleaning and unblocking services soon. As such, Hydro-Jetting System will eliminate sewer service related expenses both short and long run. Therefore, Hydro-Jetting system is all that you ought to run for and embrace- it’s economical and sewer service effective.
Hydro-Jetting Sewer Lines is the best solution methods in town for all your sewer pipe problems- try it!

5 Questions That You Should Never Miss To Ask a Plumber before Hiring Them

Hiring a plumber to fix sewer pipes might be tricky and challenging if it’s your first time. However, if you take a step to ask the plumber some crucial questions, you will possibly hire the best plumber. Here are five questions that you should never miss to any plumber before hiring them.

1. Am i insured and licensed

You need the assurance that you have only entrusted the right and appropriate personnel to fix sewer pipes for you. Therefore, before you make any attempts to offering the plumber a chance to serve you, kindly ask whether they are registered and licensed by the necessarily authorized boards. Beware that some plumbers might be canning enough to lie. As such, always confirm their spoken word by requesting to have a look at their documents. This will confirm beyond doubts that are licensed. Remember that every licensed plumber will have legal documents – they prove that they have been accredited by the necessary board to offer services in this line. Besides, it is also crucial to ask the plumber whether they are insured, why? Fixing sewer pipes will involve several activities which might pause a health risk or even cause accidents to the plumber. As such, if the plumber is insured, you are relieved the burden of catering any liabilities that might result from unforeseen accidents which will occur during the sewer pipe fixing procedures.

2. What is the range of my cover

Every plumber will charge a different fee depending on various factors such as the time period or even the urgency. Fr instance, if you require urgent services like during the night, the plumber will charge a higher fee compared to daytime- it’s the essence of urgency. Besides, some plumbers will include transport fee while others include consultancy fee as well as indicating instruments that have no impact on the task at hand. Therefore it’s always important to ask the plumber what the total entire fee covers avoid being charged and also eliminating any irrelevant fees available.

3. The period it will take to deliver the service

As always, when individuals are paid based on the days they work, they will tend to reduce the work rate in a bid to work for more days and as a result, earn more cash. As such, it is, therefore, advisable that you may ask the period in which the plumber finds it comfortable to work and complete fixing sewer pipe. Along with this, if you find out that the plumber extends the period by some days without any sound reasons, it’s likely that the plumber is delaying completion of the task aiming to earn more money. However, you should provide the plumber an opportunity to explain why they need the mentioned time frame- remember, quality services are what you are seeking.


4. The additional services they offer

Every service provider will have an added service they will provide to their clients. Mostly, this usual a free service and it is meant to attract you, as their client seeks for their service once more. It is, crucial, to ask the plumber about any extra service they offer- amazingly it can just be the other repair service you required.

5. What are some of the additional guarantees that should i expect repeat services

Often, the results of any service may not turn as expected and as such, it will call to be redone from the start. Therefore, it is always important to confirm from the plumber whether they will accept to repeat the work if the end results don’t turn as both of you expected. It offers the assurance that the plumber isn’t only for a one-day-job hunt.
It’s only through asking the above questions that you will know right plumber for you. With the above, you will eliminate quack plumbers and those that aren’t qualified hence not licensed. Remember a licensed and insured plumber is always the best.