5 Places to Buy a Used Cell Phone And What To Ask Before You Buy

5 Places to Buy a Used Cell Phone And What To Ask Before You Buy

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Nowadays, the latest smartphones can burn a hole in your wallet. Just look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X, you will have to pay approximately $1K to get all the features packed inside each of these models.

However, gently used and well-maintained smartphones are sold at a more wallet-friendly price. In fact, the pre-owned cell phone industry is a fast-growing industry. According to reports, pre-owned cell phone industry grew to 120M units in 2016, and it will reach another milestone of 222.6M by 2020.

There is no excuse to not at least consider purchasing a Pre-Owned or used cell phone. Fortunately, there are many sources now for shopping for a pre-owned phone, that will sell you a quality contract-free phone at a competitive price.

So, if you want to buy a used cell phone, Cell Clinic is here to help you find the best option – and provide you with some practical tips on what to consider before purchasing a used cell phone.

4 Facts To Consider When Purchasing A Pre-owned Phone

  • Condition Of The Phone
    You should analyze the status of the phone physically before making a purchase. Check whether the phone is in poor, good or like-new condition. Also, don’t forget to review photos of the phone online so you will know how it looks brand new, the device description and specifications, and preferrably an original receipt – to make sure you know what you’re purchasing and what you will get.
  • Price Of The Pre-owned Phone
    It is always a good idea to compare the prices of any particular phone model among various sites and nearby stores. It will help you ensure that you are saving the most money possible.
  • Warranty Of The Phone
    A used phone should always come with a warranty. Reputuable sellers, like Cell Clinic, will always offer you at least a six-month warranty on a Pre-Owned cell phone purchase. Also, you should check the details of the warranty provided by the store or manufacturer. For instance, if you buy a used iPhone 7 from Cell Clinic, you get a full six-month warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • The Activation
    It’s equally important to know whether the phone you’re going to buy is unlocked or locked to a phone carrier. If you buy a locked phone, you might have to do some extra legwork to unlock your phone. Cell Clinic recommends choosing an unlocked (contract free) phone as they provide cell phone users with more flexibility. Also, with an unlocked phone, one can easily switch to a low-cost or pay as you go carrier to save more money.

Where To Buy Used Cell Phones In Canada?

Here we have listed the five most trusted sellers where you can purchase a used cell phone for yours

#1 Cell Clinic Shop


Cell Clinic Shop is a reputable site that will happily showcase its pre-owned cell phone inventory. Cell Clinic purchases used cell phones from sellers and then sells them to the buyers at a very competitive price. Furthermore, each cell phone goes through a 30-point inspection, and as an extra value, buyers have a 30-days risk-free money back policy and a full six-month warranty. So, if you find that the cell phone doesn’t fit the description, or you encounters any hardware or software problems – Cell Clinic will replace the phone. Cell Clinic is a great option for you for buying an A-Grade used Cell phones at a very competitive price.

#2 Amazon



Amazon is another good source – where you can buy used cell phones directly from the official manufacturer such as Motorola, Samsung, Apple etc. Almost every used cell phone sold by Amazon is certified and backed by a three-month warranty. However, the warranty applies to only Amazon Certified Cell phones, and the warranty for other phone models varies by seller or manufacturer. When it comes to price, Amazon has a mixed collection of devices with varying rates. You might notice a difference in selling price of a particular phone model sold by the manufacturer and another seller. Overall, it’s another trusted platform where you can buy a used cell phone.

#3 eBay



eBay can help you purchase a used cell phone with peace of mind if you follow the general guidelines and read geniune reviews available for the phones. If you’re planning to buy a used or refurbished phone from eBay, it’s a good idea to check the seller listing of the used phone for an original uploaded photo of the phone, as well as detailed description. Also, please note that eBay has some fake reviews for phones too. So, you will have to be smart when selecting and buying one. Also, when it comes to price, it varies for the same model depending on the seller.

#4 Best Buy


Best Buy

One of the features about Best Buy is that their prices for used cell phones are a little bit on the higher side. However, it’s compensated by their guarantee of the product. Best Buy sells only verified and authorized second-hand phones after inspecting them thoroughly. Overall, it’s another trusted seller in Canada. However, you will have to pay a little more here.

#5 Kijiji


This platform is very similar to eBay, but specific for Canadian residents. Kijiji helps sellers and buyers meet on its platform. The only downside is that the seller controls the price on this platform. Which means, for any particular mobile phone, the rate can either be too high or low depending on the demand for that specific model the seller is anticipating. Also, you won’t get any guarantee from the website or the seller. You might end up buying a fake or duplicate phone, so we recommend that you be cautious and purchase a cell phone that is legit.


We hope that this list of tips will help you to find the best place where you can buy a quality used cell phone in Canada, at a reasonable price.

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