5 Tips to Engage More Traffic on the Website through Explainer Videos

5 Tips to Engage More Traffic on the Website through Explainer Videos

June 19, 2019 0 By QXa5edb7jD

You have heard that video content is a useful tool to drive quality traffic to your website. You know; the animated explainer videos that explain your product or service in 60-90 seconds. An animated explainer video is a great way to engage the potential customer and grab their interest towards your business.
Since an animated explainer video may be smack dab on the homepage of your website and the first thing your visitors experience of your product or services. It is important to hook them in a first site.

Here are 5 Tips to engage more traffic on website through animated explainer videos.

1. Keep it, short and simple

We may feel you have a lot to tell the people about your business, but this video is meant to be an overview, “the hook” that gets people interested in taking the next step.

The longer the video the less the people pay attention to it. An animated explainer video does not explain exactly what your business does. It is a quick way to deliver your message to a large audience. Hence as an animated explainer video maker, you must keep it short and simple.

2. Write a strong script

For influencing consumer behaviour, it is all about the script which matters a lot. A strong script is a foundation on which they build your video. A strong script may help you have an outsider who can take a target to look at your company to write a good script.

During writing a script, you may not rely on your intuition. You need to create it by contacting your audience directly about their needs and concern. To extract a genuine qualitative data you may take help from an online survey for your products.

3. Focus on the details

When you get details all the right information, your video is much stronger. You should look for a professional voice over to make it a successful project.
A voiceover is more important than visuals. Try to engage an animator to create a storyboard and help you make your script flow like a story so it does not cause viewers to lose their attention.

An animator will make your animated explainer video interesting by adding music that does not draw your message but can evoke emotion and set the tone of your video.

4. Have some fun

It is essential to develop a video that tunes with your audience. Adding something a little different to your animated explainer videos whether it’s a surprise, humour, or something else can go a long way. It’s getting people smiling and connects them to your brand in a way that your website can not do.

5. Plan for the launch

Video content management and marketing of your videos are as important as the making of the animated explainer video. As per the recent survey, marketers are ready to increase their budget on videos marketing.
To launch an animated explainer video successfully, you need to select a host, have a solid marketing plan and integrate into the website.