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We love reading and knowing about the latest technology and other clever industries, much like our clever readers, who follow us daily as we journey into the latest updates together. Started from an itch to be the most informed among our peers, we have maintained the high standards demanded from us for close to a decade, yet there is still more fun to be had with each discovery we make.

The latest gadgets are always flip-opened here first, and we always get our hands on the best games and software that go on to become hits the world over. Our teams comprise of the most informed and resourceful young and experienced professionals that share diverse interests enough to give our readers the best experience of the hottest news online.

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We have managed to invade and disrupt the slow way of sharing knowledge that was prevailing times when we started the platform, and from scratch built a platform that will stand the test of time in being fresh on an hourly basis as well as relevant to our audience.

The hottest news always finds it’s way to our platform from all corners of the world, where correspondents are on the constant watch for enjoyable updates. Very efficient content management strategies keep the teams busy and hunting for trending hot news, all for the pleasure of our readers.

A deep feeling of responsibility and the bigger purpose of educating and entertaining the world through only trending hot news and information, all keep us awake till the small hours of every night for our ever-online readers.

Looking into the future, our platform strives to become the most relied upon and technologically advanced among competitors. Our mission and the passion with which we attack our goals has brought us together with millions of eager minds and has made us sharper at attaining our daily quotas. We are effectively the source of trending hot stories in technology and marketing for the rest of the world.