How Long is Cyber Security Training?

How Long is Cyber Security Training?

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If you are looking for where to study your cybersecurity course online, then you’ll love knowing that you got plenty of options. These include online classes, traditional programs, accelerated programs, and on-campus classes. So how long does cybersecurity training take? Well, it’ll depend on the course and the type of program ?’

What is a Traditional Cyber Security Degree Program?

A traditional cybersecurity degree program will take four semesters, which is two years to complete if you are studying full time. A bachelor’s degree takes eight semesters/ four years, while a master’s degree requires four semesters/ two years. A semester takes between 3-4 months, and during summer, you may not get a chance to get extra credits in summer.

Accelerated Cyber Security Degree Program

In an accelerated program, a student can learn the bachelor’s degree in only 2 ½ years and the master’s degree in 15 months. Accelerated programs are more intensive, but they come with many benefits, including completing your studies earlier.


Benefits of Accelerated Cyber Security Program

The top benefit of the accelerated program is you get to complete your studies earlier. If you are also working and want to attend classes, then you might not be interested in extra programs like pep squads and football games. Therefore, accelerated programs are designed for everyone but are ideal are best suited to non-traditional students.

Online programs also give much flexibility as you can work and study at the same time. This eliminates the need for labs and in-person lectures. Therefore, they are ideal for students who live in a faraway location from the school or the place where classes are held. Online courses can be accessed anywhere; it can be your coffee shop, living room, or even office space.

Also, virtual classes are ideal for people with disabilities or those with family obligations who rarely get out of their homes. A stay-at-home mum with a young child can study for their course and earn a degree online at home. Besides, those who have challenges with mobility don’t have to worry about the hassles of getting to school as they can study from any place they deem comfortable.

Best Paid Online cybersecurity courses:

1. Udemy 

Most Udemy courses require money, but the courses in this platform don’t cost that much. There are different cybersecurity courses in Udemy i.e. the “cybersecurity courses for beginners-level 01,” which is ideal for anyone enthusiastic about learning this subject.

The advantage of Udemy is it offers in-depth courses at an affordable price of less than $20, making it relatively cheaper. There are also other courses on this platform, including “Cyber Security Course for Beginners: Learn from Scratch” and ‘Data Science Course 2020” that are worth looking at.

It’s no secret that most paid courses in Udemy are intensive and comprehensive. Though you might not get the traditional educational accreditation, it will be great if you plan to be a freelancer.

2. Open University

The Open University (OU), based in the UK, is one of the top leaders when it comes to distance learning. It has taken many years to develop its in-depth courses and serves students from across the world. Besides, they have an online portal for their student with clear timetables and different modules.

Besides, their cybersecurity course is specially tailored for people of all abilities and can turn an unqualified and inexperienced person into a specialist in this topic without overwhelming them. When it comes to cybersecurity, OU is not much specialized in the course, but they do offer a degree in “Computing and IT,” where you will focus on areas that are deal with security issues. The degree in Computing and IT from OU is well accredited, and learners after that can redefine their path.

3. Coursera

Coursera offers an array of short courses for distance learning, including ones that deal with cybersecurity. These include “Cybersecurity specialization” that was designed by the University of Maryland to bring into the public domain the concepts behind the production of secure systems to web browsers.

There are five courses in this online platform, and each requires several weeks to finish. But most require some prior knowledge in cybersecurity. You can also access other online degrees in data science and computing and IT., and though these do not touch on cybersecurity, it remains an essential subject in the curriculum.

Best Free Online cybersecurity courses:

1. Cybrary 

From its name, Cybrary is an online library for IT, cybersecurity, and other courses. There are over 500 free courses from beginner to intermediate, and finally advanced levels and all of them are free. The advantage of Cybrary is it offers courses on particular parts of IT, which is good for those who want to specialize in some IT modules compared to learning it as a general course.

2. US Department of Homeland Security

The US government security experts are offering a free program that is government-backed and requires no accreditation. Besides, the cybersecurity training is ideal for anyone and can be accessed physically in Idaho falls. Or you can also access it via the online portal that is accessible from any part of the world.

Cyber Security Training Dallas

Cybercrimes, stolen identities, information theft, lost electronic files, and more, so much can go wrong on the internet. This is why cybersecurity is vital as it helps protect our electronic lives that matter in our lives and work.

There are many cybersecurity training in Dallas that will help you know how to respond to today’s cyber threats. Threats can approach from any direction, and these cybersecurity training will equip every member of your organization with the relevant knowledge to help prevent security mishaps in information and payments.

Since we all live in a world that is connected by networks, network, and data protection is not an option anymore. From the government infrastructure to private data, cyber-attacks are a huge international threat that has led to a breach of data that has caused much harm to the global economy.

Since personal data is important, someone has to keep them private and protect them from hackers and other individuals with malicious aims. By studying cybersecurity, you will help deter and prevent cybercrimes before they happen.