How to Take Care of Your Clients

How to Take Care of Your Clients

February 5, 2020 0 By QXa5edb7jD

Clients shape our business. All business should be client-centric. In order to retain important clients, you of course have to take care of them. There are best practices when it comes to working with your clients, and Bradley Beman cues us in on a few of them.

Don’t skip out on deadlines.

This should go without saying; prioritize your clients’ needs and ensure they are being met. They are paying you for a service, and should be treated with the respect that that entails. Bradley Beman tells us that it is best to have deliverables finished at least a few days in advance to ensure time can be allotted for anything that may come up post-production/to edit where needed. Deadlines can come in the form of meetings, too. Try not to cancel meetings if you can avoid it. Cancellations weaken the sense of trust that is so necessary to work efficiently with one another.

Meet them halfway.

Your client is now part of your work culture and your business family. Do not try to dupe your client; they will find someone else to do business with if they feel they have been cheated. You are letting your client into your business world, and while there is mutual benefit to that, Bradley Beman tells us of the importance of maintaining a sense of trust and integrity.

Be transparent about your processes.

Let your client in on your business practices; not so much so that they can take advantage of you, but just enough to ensure they have an understanding of what kind of a culture they are getting into. Invite them into the office. Share details about the steps it takes for you to create a successful product. Let them in on your world so they can get the most out of you and so you can get the most out of them. Client-work is all about reciprocity.

Follow through.

This goes hand-in-hand with maintaining deadlines. Maintaining trust is of the utmost importance in a world that is constantly trying to cheat you. Bradley Beman stressed the importance of completing tasks, of avoiding promises you cannot keep, and of sticking to your word.

Be reasonable.

Bradley Beman reminded us of how vital it is to not ask too much of your clients, just as they should not ask too much of you. If a client gives you a hard deadline that is completely unmanageable, be honest with them. It is better to be direct about the reality of the situation than to skip a deadline and leave them hanging. Tell your clients what you need in order to complete a task efficiently and effectively. If you cannot complete a task, differ to a coworker. If your business is no longer capable of meeting your client’s needs, figure out a solution that involves reworking the original agreement so you can help them when possible, but not disappoint them as well. Revisiting the agreement does not mean getting fired; situations change, and contracts can be reworked to account for those changes.