How professionals can repair your sewer pipes without destroy your property?

How professionals can repair your sewer pipes without destroy your property?

December 10, 2016 0 By QXa5edb7jD

sewer pipesAn easy way to repair sewer pipes on your property without damaging or destroying it is by fixing it in a non-intrusive way. The best non-intrusive method by which to repair sewer pipes is the no dig, trenchless way. It is a clean, safe, and economical way.

What is Trenchless pipe Repairing?

Old pipes play host to new pipes in this comparatively new technique. A new pipe is put inside the old pipe and pulled through it. There is one point of entry through which a bursting head of steel is put through the sewer pipe with the help of a hydraulic ram. This is how the new replacement pipe is installed in the old one.
It requires minimal digging so that your deck, porch, garage, or yard is left intact. In a lot of cases, this process takes only about two hours.

By introducing a new pipe inside the old pipe and letting it cure, the resultant pipe is virtually impregnable. Although this no dig, trenchless method came into the market around 15 years ago, a lot of people still don’t know about it.

Trenchless Vs Traditional Repair

The old, conventional methods of replacing sewer pipes are disruptive and take a heavy toll on the wallet. Sometimes, customers have to agree to dig up their front yard or their garage if the sewer pipes are beneath the ground. Also, it could take days before the replacement is done. It is not an ideal scenario for many homeowners.

The new method, as the name suggests, requires minimal digging and no trenches as in the traditional sewer pipe repair methods. There are several ways to do this. The first is the pipelining method.

Pipe Lining

A pipe liner called cured-in-place pipe lining, or CIPP is applied in this case. It is made up of a combination of textile liner and resin. The resin saturated liner is inserted into the old sewer pipe at the point where it needs repair.

After this is done, the pipelining is left to dry and harden. In other words, it cures. As a result, we have a new pipe inside the old pipe that is structurally sound. An area in your yard is cleaned out for this purpose. Therefore, no muddy shoes inside the house and no huge trenches dug out in your yard. And all of this in about two hours or so!

Pipe Bursting

The second is the pipe bursting method. This method resembles the old one in a way because a new pipe is pulled through the old one. The way in which it differs from the pipe lining method is that while pulling in the new pipe through the old, the old pipe is burst or fractured.

Access holes are dug on both sides of the parallel pipe. If pipelining is out of the question because the lateral pipe has joints or it has collapsed, pipe bursting is the way to go.

Both pipe lining and pipe bursting are no dig, trenchless ways to repair your sewer pipes. It makes way for a quick repair, zero damage to property and brings you peace of mind.