Shelf Life of Agricultural Produce To Increase As Affordable Cold Storage System Unit Is Developed

Shelf Life of Agricultural Produce To Increase As Affordable Cold Storage System Unit Is Developed

June 30, 2016 0 By QXa5edb7jD

Young IIT Solutions has developed a cold storage system that will immensely contribute towards zero food wastage. The cold storage system will be solar powered and therefore affordable to many people.

The new storage system was developed by students of mechanical engineering at Science as well as Technology Enterpreneurship Park. Already the system has been tested successfully on a farmland in Karnataka.

According to Pandy, the leader of the team behind this invention, the cold storage system is so unique in the sense that farmers will not incur costs. In addition, it provides clean as well as sustainable energy throughout the period of use. He added that they have already applied patent rights for technology that the product uses.

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These graduates are planning to start their own manufucturing plant after leaving university. They intend to seek funding from individuals as well as organizations so that they can have a better start off.

Their product makes use of thermal storage methodology which helps to control cooling in the compartment. This will help to preserve agricultural produce and subsequently minimize on wastage. It will use solar panels with power capacity ranging from 2.0 KW to 3.5KW.
The young innovator stated that the new cold storage system sends the generated power to compressor. The compressor runs at varying speeds and automatically adjusts itself for excellent cooling. The system relies on thermal storage unit to store energy instead of batteries. This enables it provide power for up to 36 hours even when there is no sun to provide solar energy.

The system is an affordable solution to farmers because it does not involve the use of batteries. It will save farmers from the costs of buying and replacing batteries. It will also enable farmers who have no access to electricity increase the shelf life of their agricultural goods.
This group of young investors said that they intend to manufacture 20,000 cold storage units in a period of 5 years. They plan to sell the units directly to farmers but will also engage some middlemen to help in the distribution.

Elsewhere, Crown Equipment company has established a service training centre to train employees on inventory management systems. The training centre will be opened in Kansas City. This will be an addition to 8 training centres that the company has.

Most of them are distributed in different parts of North America. Dealers and customers are also expected to benefit from the training centre.

Inventory management system helps in managing the inventory of any company. Such inventories include shipping, warehousing, tracking, receiving, reordering and turnover. The company’s objective is to ensure that employees become more conversant with all the essential inventories. It will improve productivity and enhance service delivery.

According to Justin Moore, the company’s training manager, this initiative will impart vital knowledge in employees and thereby increase the efficiency of inventory management.
Much is expected as training begins for the benefit of different stakeholders in the corporation.