Why Winter is a Great Time for Hair Removal?

Why Winter is a Great Time for Hair Removal?

October 16, 2017 0 By QXa5edb7jD

Come winters and come to the snow! No, we are not talking about the show Game of Thrones, but are talking about the beauty, serenity, and other advantages winter brings along with it. It might not be the ideal time to wear your favourite swimsuit and just lie down on the beach or wear your favourite tank top to go around shopping, but it can be an ideal time to prepare for it! Yes, opting for laser hair removal treatment is known to be a great option during the winter season. You can get the flawless and hairless skin, smooth in texture without damaging your skin cells, and without exposing them to any other form of harm. It is in the winters that you can achieve all this with excellent results.

Everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive in these days of social media. we spend hard-earned money to maintain our facial appearance. Your face deserves the best possible care in winters also. For this, we have introduced a new derma planning tool which performs multiple tasks such as shape eyebrows, remove fine facial hairs, and even smoothen the skin. Our professional eyebrow razor works great and is ideal for both men and women to look attractive in the days of winters. This is a value for money with a pack of Eyebrow razors.

Here’s why

● Winters bring along less sun exposure: the laser treatment for hair removal targets melanin, the pigment, through which the hair follicle can be targeted to disrupt the growth. Therefore, if there is less sun exposure, there is going to be a lighter skin tone and melanin colour, which implies that the laser will be easily able to detect the hair follicle that needs removal. If your skin will be dark, the laser hair removal treatment would be difficult. In fact, the treatment would not be as effective as it should be and also could cause burns to your skin. The sun exposure is less in winters and therefore, practically it is the correct time to start the laser treatment.

● Easy to cover your skin: during winters it is very easy to cover your skin with layers, and therefore, it is an ideal time to opt for the laser hair removal treatment. Once you have undergone the treatment, you are supposed to cover your skin for at least two weeks. Covering your skin will protect the treated areas, which cannot be achieved during the summer season.

● Results take time to appear: laser hair removal treatment takes about 5 sessions to completely remove the hair on your body. The first time you undergo the treatment is going to remove the first stage of the hair follicle, but there are many other layers and stages to cover. Over the course of five-six months, you will have to plan out at least five sessions to make sure that your skin is smooth, flawless, and supple forever. Therefore, for this reason, it is recommended that you start the laser hair removal treatment long before you actually want to wear your tank tops and swimsuits during the happy summer days yet to come.